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Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes
Código Erasmus: E VALLADO03
PIC#: 949630680
ECHE: 223571-EPP-1-2014-1-ES-EPPKA3-ECHE

admisionesErasmus Charter
admisionesErasmus Policy Statement

What is Erasmus +?

  • The main objective of Erasmus + is to modernise and improve Higher Education in Europe and the rest of the world.
  • It offers multiple opportunities to students from vocational studies, university students, PHD students, professors and institutions from all over the world.
  • It helps students and personnel from educational institutions to improve their skills and employment prospects.
  • Universities and companies are able to exchange good practices through Knowledge Alliances. The higher education institutions that participate in the programme are able to collaborate with those of neighbouring countries, the Balkan countries that are not part of the EU, Asia, Africa and Latin America to develop their education systems.
Discover all the information regarding the programme at ERASMUS +


The UEMC offers students from partner universities with a signed Erasmus programme agreement the possibility to spend one semester or a full academic year at the University.
Consult the dates below for the application form deadlines:

1st semester 

 30th June


30th June 

2nd semester 

20th December

Beforehand, the Universities of origin, where the students are matriculated, must send by email the following details: full name, degree, the requested period of stay and contact email to the International Affairs Office:

Once the UEMC has confirmed that the student has been accepted on the Erasmus Programme, the student must send by email the following documents:
  • 1 scanned passport size photo (600x600 pixels)
  • Passport or Identification Card scanned in .pdf
  • European Health Insurance Card or Medical Insurance Policy scanned in .pdf format.
*If the above-mentioned documents are not attached, it is not possible to send the form.


The student must send their Learning Agreement with their subject choices to be approved before the beginning of their academic stay. Any amendments they wish to make to the Learning Agreement may be made during the first month of the study period.

Regarding subject choices, it is important to remember that the students are free to choose any subject from the degree programme of their choice, provided the classes do not coincide in the timetable, and the subject has been activated during the enrolment period.

Study programmes for all degrees can be consulted at:
Study plans